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First EAGE/IGA/DGMK Joint Workshop on Deep Geothermal Energy 
EAGE is recognizing the opportunities presented by the energy transition, particularly in the areas of geothermal energy, geochemistry and sustainability. Our Association is committed to supporting members by providing a platform for industry and academia to meet and share insights and knowledge that link across multiple geoscientific disciplines.

From 8-9 November 2018 EAGE will offer together with IGA and DGMK, a joint Workshop on Deep Geothermal Energy in Strasbourg, France. Submit your abstract until 30 September 2018 via the event website and get the opportunity to speak at this workshop! 
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Field trip on Geothermal plants producing heat at high temperature in Alsace, France

Northern Alsace (France) is a quite active area in terms of Deep Geothermal energy. In the framework of this workshop, it is proposed to visit two operational plants located in the North of Strasbourg. 

Many topics such as local geology, exploration methods, exploitation technology, induced seismicity, and non-technical barriers (acceptability) will be discussed during the field trip. For more information on this field trip, visit the event website.
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